30th April 2014

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Here's some jack off material straight from my phone. I thought you guys could use a quick clip to get the job done ;-)

The Muse of Remy X

16th April 2014

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The history of Remy X and I go back to the nights of me stripping at a seedy joint in California. He got a lap dance from me and showed me his previous fashion photography. I fell in love with his photos and ability to capture the most beautiful moments with the click of his finger. Photography is not easy and neither is modeling so we already understand each other on a professional level. The first time I modeled for Remy X it's was non nude and strictly editorial. Our chemistry together and ability to constantly produce perfection is effortless. I truly admire him and without Remy X I may have not been able to express my vision of "sexy" as flawless as Remy has been able to. This was his vision and I love it. Enjoy!


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"Spectacular. Just give the girl credit. Regardless of what "floats your boat", this girl is gorgeous. She's the entire package too. Very pretty, nice bod, slim and great style. Very femme too. One of the best looking girls I've seen. Completely and totally passable. Yum Yum..." RC

"Domino is a 10 the way she is. Hope she doesn't decide to have SRS. Wouldn't know she has a penis until she pulls it out!" Bman

"I have always loved Domino since her very first shoot. She is an incredibly sexy girl and her desirability is without question. Domino is the fucking all-natural sexpot of tgirls." Gerry