21st September 2016

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Once again I have a soundless video, however I did manage to fix the lag. Don't worry, audio filled videos will be coming very very soon. This entire outfit was sent to me by my amazing fans off my amazon wishlist, you all are too kind. ANYWAY, back to the good stuff. I've just been so horny lately and I wanted to make sure I update my site more often so why not do it as much as possible? enjoy this steamy jerk off session with some extra strip tease action. Another huge load on the newly crowned Cum Towel.

xoxo Domino

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20 Questions for Domino Presley

13th September 2016

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So I thought it would be a good idea to do an interview video where I play the game 20 questions. The questions are stuff fans frequently ask me mixed with questions people have asked me on twitter and I didn't have time to respond... So that Being said, there are some sexual questions, some random questions, and some informative questions!


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